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Live tailor-made tourist experiences

a different experience

If you are looking to find out what life is really like in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates, visit little-known places and explore its nooks and crannies, then you have found the team to do it with!


We will make you discover the hidden places of this country, you will appreciate the cultural, architectural and gastronomic wealth.


We will show you the grandeur of its deserts, its history, traditions, its souks, skyscrapers and artificial islands 


From the hand of its founder and her team of curious and adventurous spirit you will discover this destination, in the most personalized way that this Tourist Boutique can offer.


Live a unique experience, with its more than 100 nationalities, its desire to preserve its rich history and promote art, fashion, technology and business, becoming an international benchmark.

a different experience

a different experience

why dubai

is in fashion:

  • Surprising cultural and architectural heritage.

  •   Extensive beaches

  •  Desert Adventures

  • Thousands of options for sports of all kinds in water, land or air.

  • Plans for children with water and theme parks, zoos and much more.

Emirates Club Golf.jpg

Hotel offer:

  • Luxurious Arabian-style hotels

  • Multipurpose hotels set up in the desert. 

  • The best Spas

  • Gastronomic offer  multicultural: Emirati, Iranian, Palestinian, Jordanian, Syrian, European, American, Australian and a long etcetera.

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