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At Passion Dubai Tours we are


We love what we do, we listen carefully

and personalize your experience

Hatta Dam

We are a company formed by a team of professionals who have lived in Dubai for many years and are passionate about the culture of this country as well as its lifestyle. A passion that we have decided to spread to the world, making the visitor turn their trip to this country into a different and  full of contrasts. 

This company has been created in order to materialize our curious and adventurous spirit with the desire and passion to show what we are discovering in this country. 

At Passion Dubai Tours we put at your disposal a network of professionals of different nationalities and cultures to offer you activities, events and visits that will make your stay an unforgettable trip. 


Today the United Arab Emirates lives the dream of a man who deeply believed in his people. The Emirates is a land of contrasts where the modern   mixes with the traditional creating a unique experience. From a village of Bedouins, fishermen and pearl hunters to one of the most advanced countries in the world.

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